You Think You’re Safe? Think Again.

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Attempts to break through your network. Typically requires going through potential vulnerabilities to penetrate the network

Layered adaptive endpoint security based on machine learning algorithms. Provides consistently protection, avoids slowing down of machines or generating false-positives

Premium quality filtering for incoming and outgoing emails to protect you from spams and viruses. The incoming filter uses redundancy to ensure the continuity of email services even in the face of malicious activity, while outgoing filtering helps identify and prevent suspicious activity happening inside your organization

Uses advanced behavioral techniques to find and block zero-day threats. Provides inline protection to block threats before they enter your network. Instantly blocks, quarantines, or flags malicious files based on your defined policies

Cloud based mobile security platform brings highest level of security and compliance to mobile users, along with a seamless experience.
Automatically creates a lightweight HTTP tunnel from the user’s device to our security cloud Platform to inspect for malicious content. Works with iOS, Android, Windows and Mac OS

Even though organizations spend hundreds of thousands of riyals on beefing up their cybersecurity every year, research says that in 2017, the percentage of successful breaches per company rose to 27% from 22% in 2016. It is also estimated cybercrimes will cost businesses US$ 6 trillion annually through 2021. Why are cyberattacks successful then? Is it that businesses are spending too much on wrong technologies? Or is it really the case of the weakest link?

In today’s digital economy, Internet is the platform that drives all businesses forward. However, with all its benefits, Internet is a double-edged sword. Internet is also the chosen platform for cybercriminals to penetrate unguarded organizations, vulnerable corporate users and bring disrepute and financial losses to businesses. In the past, several businesses have tried to limit the use of Internet in their organizations. However, this policy has proven counter-productive to the business. In most organizations, Internet is fast becoming a means for sales and marketing teams to attract and retain customers. Internet is also being extensively used for corporate collaboration. What is the solution then?

Dealing with hundreds of customers every day, we take an all-encompassing approach towards cyber security. Our security services begin with basic vulnerability assessment of your entire IT infrastructure and include medium to advanced level solutions. The objective: to provide a 360 degree protection your organization.

Our Team

Our security team has experience of managing security posture of hundreds of customers in Saudi Arabia. They’re a skilled team having advanced expertise in a multitude of security technology and an in-depth know-how of the overall corporate security threatscape

Our Partners

We partner with world’s best security vendors and consultants to provide