IpTL Wi-Fi Secure Network Gateway

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It is clear that we love networking! with over 100 years of combined network product and application experience, there isn’t a network protocol, or interface we don’t like … or understand. Founded in 2009, IpTL was the FIRST vendor to create 100% compatible optical transceivers, cables and parts at a fraction of OEM prices. The company has shipped thousands of connections in over 71 countries worldwide touching thousands of customers including Du, Honeywell, Sony, Punj Lloyd, Dragon Oil and many more. – real start was with US National Bank & runs 640 + Branch in 2013 Headquarters based in Maryland USA, we are a group of professional and experienced people, having fun designing and marketing products – With representatives in the Americas, Central and Eastern Europe, and the Middle-East/North Africa we understand the unique issues when supporting our customers around the world. Principal manufacturing is done in Washington State and California with additional assembly and warehouse facilities in Chicago, our products are USA designed, USA manufactured, and USA supported.

How do you Connect People, Places, & Things?

  • Your users remote connectivity is blocked because the Internet has a dynamic IP or is filtered
  • You need network redundancy but it is difficult and expensive to implement
  • You are worried that your ata isn’t private and isn’t protected
  •  You can’t control user network access
  •  Laptops & mobile devices NOT secure using Wi-Fi and a hacker can intercept your entire connection

The Best Solution for Networking

6 main reasons to consider IpTL FastLane

  1. ROBUST Access Router and Endpoint
  2. BEST and EASIEST Tunneling/VPN Connectivity
  3. HIGHEST Availability & Redundancy
  4. HIGHEST Security & Privacy
  5. BEST Device Management
  6. BEST Mobile Secure “Hardware” Connectivity

Hardware Highlights

  • Compact all metal enclosure with integrated flange wall mounts
  • Front panel status indicators
  •  Silent operation– No moving parts
  •  Low-Voltage DC power input 9-24V (standard supply is 12V@1A)
  • 10°- 40°C Operating temp
  • 10% – 90% Humidity
  • 5x Fast Ethernet ports (auto MDI-X)
  •  Antenna– 2x RP-SMA ports ant: 5dBi
  •  Max transmit power – 802.11g/n – 15dBm

Yes, the 7111 is the replacement for the 71LW and adds more functionality and a robust metal enclosure.

Yes, the firmware is fully compatible in either server or remote modes.

 No, the management and configuration are the same.

Yes, you can use the Wi-Fi to connect to another access point or hotspot.

Yes, you can create your own private Hotspot and use the uplink at the same time.

Yes, starting in firmware 3.3 and later you can automatically switch to Wi-Fi for the uplink and create the tunnel over that link.