2018 & Beyond Will Be About IT Teams Who Could Play The Game-Changer

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Digital economy is threatening the survival of many conventional businesses. The reason is not digital technology or innovative business model, as much as it is the absence of skilled technologists and IT leaders. There is a pressing need for IT leaders and IT teams who can enable their organizations to crossover to the digital economy and drive new revenue streams. A whole new set of skills needs to be acquired. 2018 and beyond will be about IT departments who could play a game-changer role for their businesses. At the same time, IT departments must keep their organization’s systems, infrastructure and users up and running 24×7. How are the CIO supposed to balance out between their strategic and operational IT roles?


Hundreds of our customers have found the answer in Managed services outsourcing. By outsourcing their routine IT management tasks to us, smart CIOs attain the much-needed value-creator position. They are able to support their sales and marketing teams to find new ways of attracting, retaining and growing customers and finding creative means to offer their company’s products and services. Sounds smart, right?

Our Managed IT Services are an alternative approach to managing your entire IT infrastructure. We offer quality IT resources at affordable rates under strict SLAs. You get an ongoing visibility into operational performance. Result: increased up-time of your IT infrastructure, predictability into operational expenditure and availability of your own IT resources to be used for strategic IT initiatives.

We take a holistic implementation approach towards Managed IT Services. This approach has three distinct pillars:

  1. Standard Process – we follow an ITIL-based model to ensure that service delivery is as per industry best practices
  2. Technology – we use world’s best technology tools to manage and monitor our customers infrastructure
  3. People – ours is one of Saudi Arabia’s best team which is just the right combination of skills, expertise and experience

Our managed IT services outsourcing has the following benefits:

  1. Cost saving – you don’t have to hire full-time resources, train them continuously and worry about policies to retain those employees. We do just that for you. And because we use a leveraged services model, your savings on IT management are tangible
  2. Time saving – when you have us as your managed IT services provider looking after your routine IT management tasks, your IT team has enough time to support business in strategic initiatives
  3. Lack of in – house experience – finding qualified and trained resources in technologies like cloud management, server virtualization, ERP infrastructure management, VDI and analytics could be a challenge
  4. Access to talented IT professionals – to support a wide cross-section of our customers, we maintain a large pool of bi-lingual resources possessing a diversified skillset
  5. Focused strategy – When you know that you can depend on us for your routine IT task, you can lay down a focused IT strategy to support your organization’s business goals
  6. Risk mitigation – opting for our managed services outsourcing, you literally have zero risk. We engage at the level that you want and are flexible to accommodate your special requests. We also mitigate the financial risk by bringing predictability into your IT expenses